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The Mäkelä forge Mäkelän Takomo is a family business, from Finland, that has been operating since 1956.

The ownership, operation and know-how of the company have been passed on to the next generations in the family. Today, the company is owned by three brothers, Esa, Olli and Ari. In addition to the owners, there are employed skilled personnel.

Mäkelän Takomo has premises in two locations at Savitaipale-Finland. 

At Puusepäntie, we assemble machines for our customers, and at Teollisuustie, we perform forging operations, manufacture of parts and other machining. We have a total of almost 2000 m2 of business space at our disposal.

                                                               “Quality as a driving force” 

We are constantly striving for sustainable products and partnerships. All machines and parts going to our customers always go through an inspection process before delivery. Our equipment is modern and we constantly make sure that the skills of all our employees meet today’s needs. we have automated some of the work by acquiring two welding robots.