COLUMN SHOES “SIRPPI”:          9 ”, 10”, 12 ”, 14”, 20 ”           Color:  ORANGE
COLUMN SHOES “TASO”:             T 9 ”, 10”, PE 8 ”, SE 10”       Color:  ORANGE
The user of the pole shoes must be sufficiently skilled and these operating instructions must be observed.
Failure to follow the operating instructions can result in danger to life or property.
Column shoes may only be used for the work for which they are intended.
The user must clean the column shoes daily and visually inspect the soles, spikes, cracks, deformations and the belts.
Column shoes must not be used if they are found to have defects!
The column shoes are securely fastened to the wearer’s shoes with the straps in them.
At the first step on the column, the adhesion and the grip of the column shoes, and the reliability, must be tested with fair presses.
A support belt in accordance with EN358 must be used when climbing, working and descending on/from the pole.
It is needed to use a harness with a support belt. Also a support rope or strap in accordance with EN358 must also be used.
Intended for climbing wooden poles
Temperature -35 … + 55 degrees Celsius
Maximum load 136 kg
MARKINGS: model designation, serial number, manufacturer’s identification and year of manufacture.
Column shoes have been commissioned at the factory.
Column shoes may only be inspected and serviced by a person authorized by the employer who has sufficient professionalism and special education (TTL).
Column shoes must be inspected once in a calendar year and markings must be made on the column shoes accompanying inspection report.
Clean the column shoes and measure the inspection gauge.
Make a visual search for deformations and cracks.
Check the sharpness of the spikes, length min 30mm, tip diameter 1-2mm.
When sharpening the spikes, the material must not heat up.
Check the condition and attachments of the belts and, if necessary, replacing the belt set.
When replacing belts, the entire belt set must be replaced. An adequate belt must be used.
When replacing the belt set, the installation instructions must be followed.
Column shoes must not be modified, welded or heat treated.
Column shoes with remarks or 8 years old from the date of introduction, however, not later than 10 years of age from the year of manufacture, must be removed from use.
Disposed column shoes must be turned into unusable, e.g. by breaking the arch.
Column shoes must be submitted for periodic inspection once in a calendar year either to us or to an authorized inspector.